The Process

We typically work with the client throughout the entire development process, from planning and specification, through design, prototyping, software development, testing, approvals, manufacturing (typically using a sub-contract manufacturer), and post-production support.


We support the client in other related activities, such as sales and marketing, and mechanical design (though we can handle simple mechanical designs ourselves, or work with mechanical design consultant such as ISIS or PDD).

You can rely on us – clients are sometimes uncomfortable using a third-party for design – what happens if we cease trading, or decline further business from you? The simple answer is that your own employees are more likely to leave than we are. Our business is healthy, and it is in our interest to support clients indefinitely.

Some clients use us to avoid the cost and hassle of an in-house R&D department. You have instant access to our resources, yet you only pay us when you need us.
Whilst some design consultants can be a bit funny about this, we believe that a client who has paid for a design should own that design. See our terms for more details.
Retained knowledge – because we establish long-term relationships with clients, we retain a good knowledge of their designs, which can otherwise be lost to their in-house employee churn. For example we have recently been helping a client modify a product that we designed for them in 1994!