Good Design is :

  • beautiful – you know when something just looks right
  • useful – if something is well designed, people will want to use it
  • good business – it helps you stay ahead of the competition
  • cost effective – it saves you money in the long run


Make It Better – as Sir Henry Royce said, “The quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten”

Keep It Simple, Stupid! – the simple, elegant solutions are generally the best.

Be Flexible – if you want things done your way, we’re always happy to listen.

The Customer Is Always Right – we will happily advise you, but we will never assume that we know best!

The Client Controls The Budget – some clients want the best design that money can buy, while others need to stay within a tight budget.

Use The Right Tools – effective software and hardware tools are crucial. We often use simple low-cost open-source apps that are just the ticket, but where needed we invest in the best, such as Pulsonix schematic and PCB CAD software.

Remember the Human – whether we’re designing a user-interface, or simply talking to the client, we always consider the human aspect. Technology can become faceless and baffling, and nerds aren’t renowned for their social skills – we work hard to avoid these pitfalls.

Innovate – think outside the box, keep an open mind and a fresh outlook. Of course we sometimes recycle existing ideas, they can be very effective, but not always…